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Various Artists - All Sensation Is Already Memory

Published March 2012

A compilation of sound art, drone, improvisation, noise, spoken word, sound poetry and other sonic experiments. Contributors were asked to respond to the following quote from Henri Bergson: "The pure present is an ungraspable advance of the past devouring the future. In truth, all sensation is already memory."
The release is compiled either to play as a continuous album, or in three separate LP length sections; tracks are numbered accordingly.


101 Kipple - Radio Free Albemuth
"Kipple" is a word coined by the remarkable science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. It refers to the sinister type of rubbish which simply builds up without any human intervention. Eventually, one day, the entire world will have moved to a state of kipplization. Personnel: Derek Saw - trumpet, flugelhorn; Herve Perez - soprano sax; Shaun Blezard - electronics; Ian Simpson - electronics; John Jasnoch - guitar; Charlie Collins - drums.
102 Simon Dell - Not Quite How I Thought It'd Turn Out
After years of making dancefloor beats and performing in electronic bands, I found myself at a loose end, musically. I decided to make some experiments following an idea I'd had as a teenager. When I first got into analog synths (via a borrowed Korg MS-10), I found the intense rapid frequency shifts you could get using fast LFOs completely mesmerising, but the only music I could imagine using those pulsing drones was based on long, pitch-less, beat-less, but maybe layered recordings. As I also wanted to make dance music of one kind or another, I never got around to recording that MS-10. Now I have several synths and recording equipment of my own, no band (due to musical differences) and no nightlife (due to the recent arrival of a baby), it was time to have a go at that old idea
103 Murmurists - In Praise of Daemons
Made by J.G. Power-Ballard, Id Vicious and Eno-Obscene-O, at Cafe Abdab, England, January 2012.
104 Stuart Russell - Demolished Station, Bedfordshire
Stuart Russell is a composer working in both electronic/electroacoustic techniques and conventional instruments. This piece is a result of visiting a spot to record the express trains hurling up the East Coast Main Line, which offered far more than I expected and resulted in a full piece.
105 Philip Davenport - a long poem ab[]ut everything (Part 1)
Poem by Philip Davenport; sound distillation by Philip Davenport and Ben Gwilliam. Additional readings Anna Macgowan and Helmut Lemke. a long poem ab[]ut everything is an elegy for power brokers and mass-production, it was constructed from a year's-worth of newspapers, reordered and reshaped. Thematically the poem deals with time and decay, measuring itself out in units of production and information spillage. The voices of older people and staff in Cherry Tree Hospital, Stockport are heard throughout. Poet Philip Davenport and sound artist Ben Gwilliam have collaborated on several soundworks.
106 Stereo Surrealist - Mask of Mirrors (edit)
This track is a short extract from a 1h 43m time stretch piece. It developed from a Farfisa impovisation, and the name came from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.
107 Graham Dunning - Aging
Graham Dunning is an artist working in sound, installation and performance. This is a live composition originally from a recording session with saxophonist Colin Webster. Sound sources in this piece are turntables, dubplates of field recordings and no-input delay unit.
108 Ingrid Plum - Do You Hear
This track is something I made as a response to losing my voice. It freaked me out and I realised the voice as an instrument is inherently time-bound. It changes as I get older and one day will disappear. I recorded myself singing clearly pitched notes into the strings of a piano with the suspended pedal down. Then I edited out my voice to leave just the breath sounds and the quiet harmonics. One day, after my voice is gone, all there will be is the traces left behind.
109 Travis Johnson - Slag Pane
Travis Johnson is an electronic musician living and working in Florida. Interests range from in magnetic fields and microsound to collective improvisation and funk.
110 Dolly Dollycore - What Tocktickss
Dolly Dollycore plays with sounds, chaos, structure and toys. What Tocktickss is made with a toy piano, watch, bell and other gubbins.
111 Andy Ingamells - Private Hire
Andy Ingamells (composer/descant recorder), Rose Mitchell (directions). To be perfromed in a taxi. Use only the top 3 holes, matching your fingerings to the traffic lights seen through the windscreen. Hum simultaneously whilst playing, matching the pitch of your hum to the pitch of the engine. Stop the piece and leave the taxi after 10 minutes.

201 Amie Slavin - Space Dust
Spacedust was commissioned by Sound Fjord, as part of the Exquisite Corpse show, where a chain of artists were invited to respond to each otherâs work. Some of the crackly sounds in that piece made me think of either crisps scrunching or the sweet I remember as "spacedust", from my childhood, in the seventies. I got my friends to eat spacedust for me, and also recorded them whispering some descriptively onamatapaeic words.
202 Alabaster de Plume and Paddy Steer - Zithers
Well It's improvised 2 passes each onto a half inch 8 track analogue tape. Myself and Alabaster De Plume. Alabaster De Plume aka Gus Fairbairn has his own album coming out soon... Err... not sure what to say was fun...
203 Now - Space Doubt
Founded in 1998, NOW have toured the UK, Norway & Japan and have released 8 albums & E.P.s & contributed to many compilations. NOW could be described as catchy, contemporary, inventive, exotic, melodious, harmonious and disharmonious 21st century pop music.
204 Matthew Lee Knowles - He Deconstructed. He Desecrated. He Devastated
I extracted random sections from around twenty completed tracks written over the last year, blurry fragments of past memories, and connected them together in an intentionally ad hoc fashion, applying a few technical tricks to devour the past.
205 oMMM - Confide In Me
Synthesiser to cassette.
206 OU_pi Golgotha.undead - ne.annotation
Theme converts me / I feature in you as you / Your format has additions / Direction is, therefore
207 Richard Knight - Prior Lapses
Richard Knight is a sonic artist with an interest in the representation and re-sculpture of organic sounds.
Particularly rapid sequences of events relayed in the recording allude to an unnatural scene - something which can barely be perceived as real-time in relation to more lulled areas. Given that the recording process was unattended, it is unlikely that anyone retains specific association with the sounds captured.
208 Philip Davenport - a long poem ab[]ut everything (Part 2)
See above.
209 Christos Fanaras - Mighty Horn
"Wistful and melancholy, Jack Shirt (aka Christos Fanaras) seems to have got hold of a simple poetic essence in English, possibly aided by an oblique Greek take on the language. He seems to cruise serenely between composition and improvisational experiment. Musically bold, he contrives fitting and filmic settings for his lyric. Truly unconventional, he invites you to listen in." CLUB INTEGRAL
210 Trapezoid - Gylix
Here is our track; Andrea, Freya and Justin. We are called trapezoid. Song is called gylix.

301 Greg Healey - Fogou/Dome/26A12
Greg Healey is a visual and sound artist whose work explores contemporary notions of self, identity, place and memory, with particular reference to the primacy of the everyday. He is particularly interested in the problems of inherent, implied and imposed narrative structure. Fogou/Dome/26A12 was produced using a fusion of field recordings from the Eden Project and a response piece composed by Greg Healey and performed by the Habermas Suburban Sphere Orchestra. Greg Healey also records music as HealeyIsland and is released on White Label Music.
302 Noise Research - Devoured Futures
Noise Research is the alter-ego of UK Sound Artist / Musician Ian Simpson. This track explores evolving themes which have had their initial timeline expanded to the point of almost imperceptable change. It was created during December 2011 and January 2012.
303 Guy Harries - Walls
Guy Harries is a composer/performer based in London and Amsterdam. His work consists mostly of the interactive combination of live electronics and acoustic instruments, as well as the use of multimedia. He performs with flute, voice and electronics.
304 Philip Davenport - a long poem ab[]ut everything (Part 3)
See above.
305 aas - Slow Tiles
The recording was made during an AAS dérive of Birmingham's Eastside in preparation for the performance Samekhmem Live at The Event. The recording was slowed down by an undocumented amount.
306 Clutter - The Last Loyalty Parade
Clutter is the solo musical project of Shaun Blezard. Working in the fields of electro-acoustic improvisation, ambient, music concrete and many things between, Clutter has toured extensively and released music with Sonic Oyster Records, Apollolaan, Earth Monkey Productions, Electronic Musik, Clinical Archives and many others.
307 cupMT - Bad Recording, Try Again
All instruments, composition and programming by Jonas Golland including guitar, Yamaha PSR-185, drums, sampling. Featuring vocals by Adam Dillon and guitar by Terry Spinks.
308 Matt Dalby - This Is My Head
This is my head was recorded sometime 11-12 June 2010, though I don't know whether it was for a specific project, or just an experiment. It's a home recording, apparently straight to my Zoom. I appear to trying to emulate a loop using just my live voice. My practice shifts all the time, and has moved from experimental poetry four years ago, to visual art. sound art, and performance now.
309 Sonia Paço-Rocchia - Agitated Meditation
An improvisation for basson and loops.
310 Daz Disley - 2BAB
An attempt to communicate a split-second daydream: to put you in the shoes of a bee, manipulate the perspective, show the massed passion of the collective individual I encountered as I momentarily connected with hive mind. 2BAB was made for playback at the DragonFly Festival, Sweden. It is made from more than 200 vocal recordings singing the word "Bee" and associated words and phrases such as "honey, sugar, pollen, light, air, sky" and so on. Many thanks to Sara Leith, Damo Waters and Amie Slavin for lending me their voices and Nellie at SoundFjord for the encouragement.


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A stunning wide ranging collection of forward thinking artists and all for FREE !!
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